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History Within Allen Junction, PA

allen junction personal injury attorney near burnside plantation

The following article is brought to you by the personal injury attorneys in Allen Junction, PA. We hope you enjoy learning about the community we serve.

About Allen Junction

Allen Junction is a thriving neighborhood in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The neighborhood sits along the west side of Monocacy Creek and is neighbored by Westgate Hills, Midway Manor, and West Side. Allen Junction is a unique suburban community featuring several single-family homes, local landmarks, neighborhood parks, and small businesses. The charming neighborhood is ideal for growing families and offers residents a comfortable lifestyle. With proximity to many local attractions, there is something in Allen Junction for everyone.

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Historical Landmarks

Allen Junction is the site of the historic Burnside Plantation. The 6.5-acre property originally belonged to the Burnside Farm, which spanned over 500 acres in the 18th century. Lehigh County acquired the plantation in the mid-1980s to maintain the property and preserve the town's history. The grand plantation features several historic sites, including the 1748 Farmhouse, the 1825 Summer Kitchen, an apple orchard, the Louise W. Dimmick Garden, the Corn Crib and Wagon Shed, the Johnson Barn, and a High-Horse Power Wheel, among others. The plantation originally belonged to James and Mary Burnside in 1747. The couple purchased the first private property in the town, and by 1752,  James Burnside became the first Pennsylvania Provincial Assembly representative. After James' death, the property was sold to the Moravian Church and has continued to serve the community until the present day.

The complex is a must-see for history buffs who are interested in historic architecture. Not only does the plantation host sites dating back to the mid-1700s, but it also is one of the few remaining sites featuring a functioning High-Horse Power Wheel. The plantation represents the town's long journey and is proudly maintained by Lehigh County and neighborhood volunteers. The fascinating Burnside Plantation was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on May 2, 1990.

Monocracy Park

Allen Junction may be a suburban community, but the town still consists of numerous local parks and local attractions. Within Allen Junction stands Monocacy Park. The creekside park is a popular destination for community members who enjoy fishing, walking paths, hiking trails, picnic areas, nature centers, and pavilions. You will find Allen Junction residents enjoying the outdoors at Monocracy Park on any given day, as it has been a neighborhood staple for many years. Since Allen Junction is home to many growing families, there are often family-gathering held at the park where community members of all ages celebrate events and become acquainted with their neighbors. The Monocracy Park is certainly a must-see for all Allen Junction visitors.

Community Sites

Allen Junction is home to a tight-knit community where residents tend to return even after moving away. The neighborhood holds a unique local charm that is maintained via the community's favorite sites. Allen Junction residents of all ages enjoy visiting the town's noteworthy community attractions including,

  • Memorial Pool
  • The Pennsylvania Play House
  • Bethlehem Ice Rink
  • Bethlehem Golf Club

If you're looking to visit or reside in a charming community offering access to historical sites with lots of local charm, consider Allen Junction, PA.

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David Petrone
Date Published: July 19, 2021
David Petrone is a personal injury attorney at Justice Guardians.
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