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A History of Newtown Square, PA

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The following article is presented by the personal injury attorneys in Newtown Square, PA. We hope you enjoy learning about the town as much as we did.

About Newtown Square

Newtown Square is a township in Deleware County, Pennsylvania. The suburban area spans 10.09 square miles and hosts an approximate population of 13,047 with a population density of 1,302.36 per square mile. Newtown Square is home to many families and retirees. The town dates back to the late 1600s and has greatly developed over the years to become a lively neighborhood offering residents convenient access to local shops, parks, restaurants, and bars. Many visitors frequent the area to visit the notable Newtown Square Railroad Museum and the Ballroom at Ellis Preserve for private events. Newtown Square is a delightful community and is certainly worth a visit.

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Newtown Square's earliest history dates back to 1684 around when many Welsh settlers found the area. At the time, the settlers traveled along the only established road in the town, Newtown Street Road, to conduct Haverford Friends meetings. The Quaker group gained popularity by 1696 and eventually established the Newtown Square Freinds Meeting House in the early 1700s. The town remained a predominately Quaker community throughout the 1800s, consisting of several farming communities and blacksmith shops. The handmade products made by residents gained popularity in the nearby city of Philadelphia, and soon enough, several inns and taverns opened in Newtown Square to accommodate patrons.

By the 19th century, Newtown Square experienced the effects of the American industrial period, and the town shifted from local business vendors to large mills and factories. However,  the establishment of the Rose Tree Hunt Club and the Radnor Hunt Club was able to preserve the community feel of Newtown Square. Towards the latter 1800s, the town was electrified, and a local trolley opened from Newtown to Fernwood in 1895. The transition into the 20th century introduced automobiles to the community, and Newtown Square began to modernize as many farms were sold and large land tracts were divided. Soon enough, Newtown Square was a booming town with large developments. Few city commuters held onto their estates, but by the late 1900s, the town became a full-blown suburban residential community. Today, Newtown Square is a modern well-beloved suburban neighborhood hosting many city commuters.


Present-day Newtown Square consists of a majority white population (90%) with highly educated residents. The education levels of Newtown Square residents are 29% Master's Degree or higher, 31% Bachelor's Degree, 18% Some College or Associate's Degree, 17% High School Diploma or equivalent, and 5% less than a High School Diploma.

The Newtown Square population is mostly financially comfortable, with a median household income above the national average ($62,843) at $110,344. The median individual income is also significantly above the national average ($31,133) at $52,840. In Newtown Square, most residents (79%) own their homes at a median home value of $419,600, while a minority of residents rent their homes (21%) at a median rent of $1,651.

Newtown Square is a favorable place to live in Pennsylvania, offering residents a comfortable lifestyle.

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David Petrone
Date Published: July 7, 2021
David Petrone is a personal injury attorney at Justice Guardians.
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