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History of Aston Mills, PA

This article on the history is brought to you by the personal injury attorneys in Aston Mills, PA, at Justice Guardians.

History of the Aston Mills

Aston Mills is located just five miles southeast of Media and less than three miles northeast of Garnet Valley.

Early History

The town of Aston was initially known as Northley and was changed to Aston by Edward Carter. He named the area after his home in Oxfordshire, England, in 1687. In the 19th century, there were many mills all along Chester Creek. This creek runs along the northwest side of the town. Some of these mills include:

  • Peters Grist and Saw Mill
  • Tyson's Mill
  • Rhodes Mill at Aston Mill (also known as Llewelyn Mills)
  • Thatcher's Tilt Mill
  • Lenni Mills
  • Crozerville Mills (also known as the Yorkshire Worsted Mill)
  • West Branch Mills
  • Aldon Rug Mill

These mills produced many different textiles as long as there was a continuous water supply, which is how they were powered. The following is a few of the items produced by the different mills:

  • cotton
  • wool
  • paper
  • ground wheat
  • ground corn

Rhodes Mill at Aston Mill

John B. Rhodes and his brother, Samuel Rhodes, were well known in Aston Mills as manufacturers and purchased the mill in 1864. They changed the production of the mill from linseed oil to woolen jeans and cotton. Rhodes built the Rhodes mansion, his first residence, that would be later called the Elder mansion. This three-story mansion would eventually be sold to Neumann College for use as a residence hall.
Unfortunately, a massive flood in 1843 caused severe damage to both the mills and their water supply. Massive flooding enveloped the regions closest to Chester Creek, and the dams and races were destroyed. The new Rhode estate would be overtaken by the floodwaters, as would the lives of John Rhodes, his two daughters, and his granddaughter.


Ashton Township encompasses many small neighborhoods, such as Aston Mills. As of 2010, the population was 16,592, and most residents own their own house. The average household income is $57,150, and crime is very low. The racial breakdown is as follows:

  • 94.3% White
  • 2.8% African American
  • 0.1% Native American
  • 1.6% Asian
  • 0.9% two or more races
  • 0.3% other races

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David Petrone
Date Published: April 2, 2021
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