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Bicycle Accidents

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You’re a cyclist who’s been hurt because someone else was irresponsible. You’ve likely been asking questions such as:

  • Why has the car insurance stopped paying for my medical bills?
  • Can I recover compensation?
  • How much compensation can I recover?
  • How long does the legal process take?
  • How do I choose an attorney?

Our experienced bicycle accident attorneys can answer all of these questions and more.

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Since the invention of the bicycle in 1817, riders have been using bikes as both a mode of transportation and a way to get their daily exercise. However, even the most careful riders can become the victims of a bicycling accident due to the negligence of others.

Bicycling Accidents Can Forever Change A Victim’s Life

Everyone who has learned how to ride a bike has fallen off at some point and so the idea of being in a bike accident might not seem like a big deal – until you yourself become the victim. The common injuries sustained in a bicycle accident include:

Brain Trauma

Since the brain is the control center of the body any damage that the soft tissue sustains can permanently affect the victim’s ability to function. Brain damage can limit a person’s ability to speak, eat, walk, and can even impact short and long term memory. Treatments and ongoing care can be quite expensive with some patients requiring $3 million in medical care over their lifetime.

Spinal Damage

Damage to the spine may include trauma to the spinal cord, the nerves in the spine, or the vertebrae. The injury can result in lifelong pain, tingling, numbness, slowed response time, loss of range of motion, or paralysis. Like brain injuries, spinal trauma can cost millions of dollars to treat over a lifetime.

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Broken Bones

Even a “simple” break can take weeks to heal and can cost thousands of dollars to treat. If the bone breaks through the muscle and skin, a patient may require extensive surgery and physical therapy and even with the best care possible, they may be maimed for life.


It might seem unrealistic for an amputation to occur because of a bicycle accident but it’s important to remember that may cyclists are run over by vehicles that can cause extreme irreversible damage to appendages.

If you or a loved one have sustained a serious injury like one of the above because of a bicycling accident, compensation may be obtained through a bike accident lawsuit.

What Good Can Come From A Bike Accident Lawsuit?

A bicycle accident lawsuit is a civil lawsuit which the victim can file against the person whose negligence resulted in your accident. For example, the driver of a car would be considered negligent if they were texting behind the wheel of a car and caused a collision because they failed to see a cyclist.

This lawsuit can provide full compensation for all of the past and expected future losses experienced by the plaintiff. Losses commonly include lost earnings, physical pain, emotional trauma, and medical expenses.

If I Was Hit By A Car Won’t The Driver’s Insurance Pay My Bills?

If your accident was caused by a negligent driver their insurance may cover some of your medical expenses but each policy has limits and once those limits have been met, the insurance company will simply send a letter saying they will no longer pay the bills.

Sadly, cyclists find themselves struggling physically, emotionally, and financially because of the limitations of car insurance policies which is why so many choose to pursue legal action.

How Quickly Do I Need To File A Bicycle Accident Lawsuit?

One of the reasons why it’s important to reach out to an attorney as quickly as possible is that each state has a statute of limitations. The statute of limitations sets the maximum amount of time that a plaintiff has to file their lawsuit.

  1. Pennsylvania: If you’ve been hurt while riding a bike in PA, the law requires you to make a legal claim within two years of the accident.
  2. Delaware: Bike riders who have been injured in DE have two years to file their legal complaint.
  3. New York: The statute of limitations in New York can vary widely depending on the circumstances. Contact one of our lawyers to learn more.
  4. New Jersey: Typically in NJ, plaintiffs have two years to file a lawsuit.

There are circumstances which may make the typical time limit much shorter. Let our lawyers review your case and let you know how much time you have left to fight for your rights.

How Much Will It Cost Me To Hire An Attorney?

At Justice Guardians we recognize that our clients come to us when they need our help the most which is why we offer free initial consultations and work on a contingency fee. This means that we collect our fee directly from the compensation we help you recover. If we don’t win your case then we don’t get paid. It’s that simple.

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