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Learn All About Squirrel Hill South, PA

squirrel hill south sexual assault attorney near schenley park

The sexual assault attorneys in Squirrel Hill, South, PA, sponsor this article to present some detailed information about the area.

The neighborhood of Squirrel Hill South is a residential area in the east end of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The neighborhood spans a total area of 1.222 square miles and hosts an approximate population of 15,470. Squirrel Hill South belongs to zip codes 15217, 15213, 15232, and 15289.


Squirrel Hill South is a charming neighborhood home to a population nearly equal amongst female residents (52%) and male residents (48%).

Residents live a relatively comfortable lifestyle with a median household income of $61,237.

The slight majority of Squirrel Hill South residents (56%) rent their homes at a median rent of $1,102, which is above the national average of $1,062. A slight minority of residents (44%) own their homes at a median home value well above the national average ($217,500) at $323,700.

The racial demographic of Squirrel Hill South residents are as follows:

  • 75% White
  • 16% Asian
  • 4% African American
  • 3% Hispanic
  • 2% Two or More Races

The education levels of residents vary and are as follows:

  • 39% Master's Degree or Higher
  • 34% Bachelor's Degree
  • 14% Some College or Associate's Degree
  • 11% High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • 3% Less than a High School Diploma

Squirrel Hill South is home to a tight-knit community. According to Niche Survey Polling, 100% of residents say there is a good sense of community in the neighborhood and 67% of residents say LGBTQ+ members are very accepted.

Parks & Recreation

Squirrel Hill South is a great area for those who enjoy the outdoors. The charming neighborhood is home to two grand parks, including Schenley Park and Frick Park.

Schenley Park is a municipal park spanning 456 acres. The park borders Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh and is beloved by university students and permanent residents of Squirrel Hill South.

The park was founded on October 30, 1889, and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2011. The park is known for its well-maintained grass areas and Schenley Plaza, which is the park's grand plaza entrance. Schenley Park features several hiking trails, 13 tennis courts, a large pond, a running track, a soccer field, and an ice skating rink.

Nearby Schenley Park is the largest municipal park in Pittsburgh, Frick Park. The park was created in 1919 and spans 644 acres. The park contains a playground, a dog park, several grass areas, and the Frick Environmental Center.

The environmental center is 15,500 square feet and has been open to the public since 2016. The site is beloved by residents and consists of several energy-efficient features, indoor and outdoor classrooms, and public restrooms. The center has also been LEED Platinum certified.


Squirrel Hill South is a favorable community in Pennsylvania and hosts highly satisfied residents, as portrayed in the area's rating. Squirrel Hill South has ranked #3 (of 76) in Best Neighborhoods to live in Pennsylvania, #4 (of 76) in Best Neighborhoods to raise a family in Pennsylvania, and #15 (of 76) in Best Neighborhoods for Young Professionals in Pennsylvania.

If you're looking for a neighborhood with diverse demographics and convenient access to historical parks, then look no further than Squirrel Hill South, PA.

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Date Published: June 23, 2021
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