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Pennsylvania Dog Bite Lawyers

If a loved one was recently injured in a dog attack, you likely have questions such as:

  • Can you sue someone if their dog attacks you?
  • What is the law regarding dog bites?
  • What are my rights if a dog attacks me?

Dog Bite Attorneys In PA

After dog attacks result in physical injuries, it is only natural for victims to wonder whether there is any legal recourse. Dog bites can lead to high medical bills, as well as permanent emotional trauma.

Civil lawsuits allow victims and their loved ones to get the compensation they deserve in order to rebuild their lives. There's no turning back time after a dog bite incident, but seeking and achieving justice is possible. Contact our personal injury lawyers today to get started with your claim.

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What Legal Recourses Exist After A Dog Bite?

A lawsuit can be filed against the dog owner if their dog bites you. However, for an injury case such as a dog bite to succeed, it is generally required to prove that negligent conduct occurred. It is often necessary for an attorney with experience to build a case that enables the client to receive their deserved compensation.

It is possible to be negligent if you fail to take reasonable actions to prevent harm from coming to someone you care for despite having the ability to do so. More simply, negligence can be defined as failure to take care or attention as a normal individual should.

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Pennsylvania Contributory Negligence Statutes

Contributory negligence refers to a concept in law that places a percentage of blame between two parties when damages are suffered. A victim, for example, who is found to be 25% responsible for a dog bite will only be entitled to 75% of the total compensation.

Modified contributory negligence laws are in place in Pennsylvania. In other words, if the plaintiff (such as a dog bite victim) is more than 50% at fault for the damages, then no compensation can be awarded.

A lawyer experienced in such cases will help you determine if there is any blame on your part for the incident. No matter how much blame you think you played in the incident, it's a good idea to speak with a legal professional who can give you a more concrete response.

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A Dog Bit Me. Should I Hire An Attorney?

An attorney should be consulted when dealing with a dog bite claim for many reasons. Often, bites from dogs are severe, and they do not always have a clear cause. Moreover, any and all injuries must be proven in these instances, and the proper documentation must be gathered.

Also, it is essential to have the right type of evidence to prove that the injuries occurred from the dog bite and that the owner's negligence is what led to them. It is very common to be wrongly accused of provoking an animal if you were bitten, especially in cases where you are the victim.

It is important to work with an attorney to prevent such accusations and to ensure a strong defense against any legal claim from the dog owner. Further, as part of the ongoing evaluation of all of the medical records, your lawyer will also be able to consult experts to determine the extent of injuries and the types of treatment they may require not only in the present but also moving forward.

What Is The Value Of My Dog Bite Case?

The legal world can seem complicated for those without experience, who may presume they can calculate a case's value before legal action is taken. Yet, the fact is that any attorney claiming to know what a settlement value of a case will be before the case is litigated is simply speculating.

Depending on the facts and circumstances of the case, lawyers can often help victims receive the maximum amount of compensation possible. When deciding whether to pursue a dog bite claim, potential plaintiffs should keep the following factors in mind:

  1. What was the extent of physical injuries, if any resulted?
  2. Where there medical expenses resulting from injuries?
  3. Did the dog bite result in lost wages?
  4. After the attack, did the victim suffer a permanent injury?
  5. During the course of your injuries, did you experience any emotional trauma, such as PTSD?

Do You Have A Dog Bite Case?

It is the goal of this page to provide educational information to readers. If you suffer a dog bite, you should seek counsel from an attorney to figure out if you have a solid case for compensation. We will review your case for free, and we will represent you on contingency - meaning that if you lose, there will be no cost to you. It is a No Win, No Fee policy.

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