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Historic Buildings in Dilworthtown, PA

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The worker’s compensation attorneys in Dilworthtown, PA, at Justice Guardians have sponsored this article to share some details about the area and its history.

Dilworthtown, PA, is a historic district built in 1700. The district belongs to the Birmingham Township and spans across 15 acres of land. It encompasses eight contributing buildings in the crossroads community of Dilworthtown. These buildings include the Dilworth House (1758, 1770, c. 1800), Stone house (1820), Dilworthtown Lyceum (c. 1850), Dilworthtown Store (1858), two tenant houses (c. 1850), and a two-story log cabin dating to 1686.

Dilworth House

The Dilworth House is a stunning red brick Flemish- bond-building with a 2.5 story structure. The house was built in 1758 and belonged to James Dilworth, a blacksmith. The home’s first-floor plan consisted of a large kitchen with a walk-in cooking fireplace composed of three separate brick bake ovens.

The floor also held three smaller bedrooms, each with a fireplace and a central hallway. On the second floor plan, there were five bedrooms and a long hallway. Today, you will find most of the original interior woodwork has remained intact. For the last 25 years, the house has been serving as the Dilworth Inn.

Stone House

The commonly known stone house constructed in 1820 is located on the northern side of Brinton's Bridge Road. The 2.5 story fieldstone building has a separate eastside 1.5 story stone structure adjoining the house. The home has seen some renovation with the porch, but the original six over six sash windows, window frames, and other woodwork remain. Unfortunately, much of the house has deteriorated.

Dilworthtown Lyceum

The Dilworthtown Lyceum, built in the 1950s, contained a carriage shop on the first floor and a meeting room on the second floor. In the 1960s, the building became a private residence. By the end of the 60s, the property had fallen, and Peter Renzetti, a skilled blacksmith, revived the property in 1976.

Renzetti renovated the building and opened the Arden Forge, which continued to operate until 2007. The Dilworthtown Lyceum was vacant until 2015, when developers purchased the property and turned the structures into office buildings.

Dilworthtown Store

The Dilworthtown Store, built in 1858, is still a township gem. The building made of fieldstone was stuccoed and whitewashed. The stucco has since been removed from the side of the building but remains on the front facade. The store has three chimneys, with the middle section now noticeably reduced from its original size.

Today, you will find the basement entrance boarded shut, porch stone replaced, and the porch posts replaced by Victorian-styled ones. The windows have also been shuttered and removed from the second-floor windows.

Tenant Houses

The two historic tenant homes of DIlworthtown were built in the mid-nineteenth century and can be found on the south side of Brinton's Bridge Road. The first home located on the left s a two-story structure with semi-dressed fieldstone. There have been some renovations, as seen through the enlarged window openings, but the charm still holds.

To the right stands a larger, semi-dressed fieldstone house. Both tenant homes are three-bayed with a single chimney on the small building and two vents, one at each end of the roof. Despite the many alterations both properties have undergone, they still hold their historic title.

Log Cabin

The oldest original building in Dilworthtown is a two-story log cabin. The cabin is rumored to date back to 1686. Despite the cabin being the oldest original building, the cottage has been significantly altered. Today, the cabin is used for storage purposes and is quickly deteriorating. The east end of the cabin can be viewed behind the Dilworthtown Lyceum.

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Date Published: May 27, 2021
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