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History in Haverford, PA

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The workers' compensation lawyers in Haverford, PA, sponsor this article to present detailed information about the community.

Haverford is a neighborhood in both Deleware County and Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The charming neighborhood spans 3.3 square miles and is neighbored by Bryn Mawr, Wynnewood House, and Ardmore Park. Haverford hosts an approximate population of 6,248 and belongs to zip code 19041.

Historic Landmarks

Haverford is a longstanding community dating back to the 1880s when the Pennsylvania Railroad opened the Haverford Station. The neighborhood has continued to develop throughout the years but still holds landmarks reminiscent of the town's history.

Some of the town's most popular historic landmarks include Allgates, the Federal School, and the Merion Cricket Club.

Allgates is a grand estate spanning 26.6 acres featuring nineteen buildings. The estate was built in 1731 and designed by architects Wilson Eyre and Horace W. Sellers. The complex features several notable buildings, including the Frog Tavern and the Federal School. The estate was first home to Horatio Gates Lloyd, a financier in the mid-1700s, and Mary Helen Wingate Lloyd.

The complex was added to the National Register of Historic Places on May 15, 1979.

The Federal School is within Allgates but was listed on the National Register of Historic Places separately on November 5, 1971. The school building spans 1 acre and was founded in 1797. The school was named The Federal School for the founders' pride to belong to the Federal United States.

The building operated as a public school until 1940, when Horatio Gates Lloyd bought the property. Today, the schoolhouse is utilized by the School District of Haverford Township.

The Merion Cricket Club has been a prominent club in Haverfound since its founding in 1865. The clubhouse was built in 1897 and was designed by Allan and Evans Furness in the Late Victorian and Colonial Revival architectural styles. The club has promoted cricket, squash, golf, and tennis games for several years in Haverford and hosted the U.S. Open in 2013.

The club was listed on the National Register of Historic Placed in 1987.


Haverford is home to many families who enjoy the pleasures the town offers. Within Haverford, the population consists of a nearly equal amount of female residents (51%) and male residents (49%) at a median age of 40.8 years.

The racial demographic of Haverford is as follows:

  • 88% White
  • 4% Asian
  • 3% African American
  • 3% Hispanic
  • 3% Two or More Races

Haverford residents are hardworking, with 98.8% working white-collar jobs and 1.2% working blue-collar jobs. Of the employed population, 57.81% work for private companies, 18.9% work for nonprofit companies, 19.62% are self-employed, and 3.68% are government workers.

The Haverford population is considered highly educated, with many residents possessing a degree in higher education. The education levels of Haverford residents are as follows:

  • 28% Master's Degree or Higher
  • 31% Bachelor's Degree
  • 20% Some College or Associate's Degree
  • 18% High School Diploma or Equivalent
  • 3% Less than a High School Diploma

Haverford residents live a financially comfortable lifestyle with a median household income well above the national average ($62,843) at $111,287. The median individual income is also above the national average ($31,133) at $45,944.

Parks & Recreation

Haverford is considered a desirable place to live for its charming streets and accessibility to several local parks. Some of the neighborhood favorite parks include,

  • Haverford Reserve Meadow
  • Freedom Playground
  • Highland Farm Park

If you're looking to visit or reside in a neighborhood with a rich history offering residents a comfortable lifestyle nearby several parks, then consider Haverford, PA.

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