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A Timeline and Modern History of Springfield, PA

springfield slip and fall lawyer near walsh park

The slip and lawyers in Springfield, PA, present this article to offer readers a detailed excerpt about the community.

Springfield is a township in Deleware County, Pennsylvania. The area spans 6.34 square miles and hosts an approximate population of 24,342 with a population density of 3,850.97 per square mile. The charming neighborhood belongs to zip code 19064.


The area of Springfield was first settled by Quakers in 1681.

By 1686, Springfield was officially recognized as a governmental entity, and the town began to develop.

In 1687, the town began to construct main roads for transportation, and the Amosland road, known today as Springfield Road, was built.

The town continued to develop, and by 1701, Baltimore Pike was constructed and the first Quaker Meeting House. The home suffered from a fire in 1737 but was rebuilt in 1851. The home still stands and is open to the public.

Throughout the 19th century, Springfield became an industrialized area home to several mill complexes run largely by Samuel Pancoast, William Beatty, and William Fell, among others.

During the 20th century, Springfield took a turn from industrial to commercial and was commonly known for its car dealerships and compact commercial strips with housing along the edges.

Today, Springfield is a largely residential area composed of single-family homes and several parks reminiscent of the town's early agriculture.


Springfield is a delightful town hosting a nearly equal population of female residents (51%) and male residents (49%) with a median age of 44.6 years.

The racial demographic of Springfield is as follows:

  • 92% White
  • 4% Asian
  • 2% Two or More Races
  • 1% Hispanic
  • 1% African American

Residents of Springfield live a comfortable lifestyle with a median household income well above the national average ($62,843) at $116,313. The median individual income in Springfield is also above the national average ($31,133) at $47,048.

The education levels of Springfield residents are very diverse and are as follows:

  • 19% Master's Degree or Higher
  • 28% Bachelor's Degree
  • 25% Some College or Associate's Degree
  • 3% Less than a High School Diploma

The unemployment rate in Springfield is 2.8%, and the poverty rate is 1.4%.

The vast majority of Springfield residents own their homes (92%) at a median home value above the national average ($217,500) at $315,000. A minority of residents (8%) rent their homes at a median rent of $1,233.


Springfield is considered a desirable place to live in Pennsylvania, offering residents a suburban lifestyle with access to local parks and restaurants. The town is home to delighted residents, which is reflected in the town's ratings. Springfield has ranked:

  • #8 (of 48) in Best Suburbs to Buy a House in Deleware County
  • #11 (of 48) in Best Places to Live in Deleware County
  • #92 (0f 703) in Best Suburbs for Young Professionals in Pennsylvania

Springfield is also known for its tight-knit community. According to a Niche Polling Survey, 100% of residents say there is a good sense of community in Springfield, and 57% say LGBTQ+ residents are very accepted.


If you ever find yourself in Springfield, PA, make sure to check out some of the town's most notable attractions including,

  • Walsh Park
  • Springfield Township Library
  • Thunderbird II of Springfield
  • Illusions Banquet Hall and Sports Bar

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Date Published: July 22, 2021
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