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Visiting Winderly, PA

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The personal injury attorneys in Winderly, PA, sponsor this article to offer readers a detailed excerpt about the area.

Winderly is a neighborhood in Edgmont Township, Pennsylvania. The quaint neighborhood is located 113 miles North-East of Washington and is surrounded by Gradyville, Willistown Woods, and Newtown Square. Winderly is found in ZIP Code 19073.

History Within Winderly

Winderly is home to the Colonial Plantation, a local history museum and preserved plantation depicting farm life from the 1760s-1790s. The site utilizes primary documents about the site and other southeastern Pennsylvania farms to replicate the typical farm from the late 1700s.

The modern Colonial Plantation recognizes the history of the land in the 1700s. During the time, many of the southeastern Pennsylvania Farms used slave labor. Throughout the 18th century, Pennsylvania farmers shifted from using servants to enslaved people. While servants were usually bound to the property owners for 4-7 years, enslaved people could never achieve freedom. It was until 1780 that the Pennsylvania colony officially abolished slavery through "gradual emancipation." 

However, the legislation of gradual emancipation intentionally contained various loopholes that continued to allow slavery. By 1790, ten years after gradual emancipation, there were still 3,737 enslaved people in Pennsylvania. It took nearly 60 years for slavery to become officially illegal in Pennsylvania by 1847.

The Colonial Plantation site was founded when the abandoned Lower Rawle farm in Ridley Creek was considered an ideal location for a museum. The site's stone cabin, springhouse, 18th-century farmhouse, and two barns offered plenty of space and was already utilized as a working farm for over 250 years.

Today, the Colonial Plantation is strictly a preservation site of farm life. The history site spans 112 acres and consists of antiques, reproductions, and replicas of Chester County pieces majorly from the collection at the Chester County Historical Society.

Ridley Creek State Park

A major contribution to the Winderly neighborhood is Ridley Creek, State Park. The park spans over 2,606 acres of woodlands and meadows. The park is thoroughly enjoyed by community members of the surrounding areas, including Winderly. 

The park offers access to beautiful meadows and is considered a green oasis for visitors. The park is the perfect place for fishing, hiking, and picnicking from sunrise to sunset.

The park has many contributing features including,

  • Hidden Valley Horse Farm, a private equestrian facility owned and operated by Tom and Ellie Chidester since 1996.
  • Parque Ridley Creek is a stunning event venue complete with a stone mansion, formal gardens, fountains, patios, a ballroom, and trees.
  • Pavillion 17, a picnic ground surrounded by woodland areas with access to a public bathroom and playgrounds
  • Ridley Creek Trail, a hiking area with long green trails along the creek. The hiking area is a known favorite for birdwatchers.

If you ever find yourself in Winderly, PA, don't miss out on all Ridley Creek State Park has to offer.

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David Petrone
Date Published: June 7, 2021
David Petrone is a personal injury attorney at Justice Guardians.
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