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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Pennsylvania Personal Injury Lawyer?

types of fees lawyers charge

Every law firm is different, just like every case is different. Many people think that lawyers are going to be out of their budgets and often do not file a case because they already have so many financial obligations. At Justice Guardians, our personal injury lawyers only work on a contingency fee basis.

What Is A Contingency Fee?

Most personal injury lawyers do not require accident victims who want to sue to pay them out of their own pocket. Instead, these cases will be paid through a contingency fee agreement, by which the lawyer will be paid an amount equal to a percentage of the total settlement. A client must agree to this arrangement before hiring a lawyer. If there is no recovery, the lawyer will get nothing.

Personal injury claims often affect the more financially vulnerable citizens. Medical bills add up quickly, and depending on the severity of the injury and type of work, a victim may not be able to work and thus has a loss of income. The thought of having to pay an hourly rate for an attorney may not seem worth it. Victims do not have to pay any money out of pocket, instead all fees come from the settlement payment at the end of the case. 

What Happens If The Personal Injury Case Loses?

If a case does not succeed in court, a victim still does not have to pay anything. The law firm takes the financial burden of the investigation and effort put into the case.

Do I Need A Lawyer To Receive Compensation?

No, a lawyer is not required for a case, but it is recommended to have legal representation. Often insurance companies will not offer more compensation and will try to pay out less than what you deserve. An experienced personal injury attorney can maximize compensation you receive.

Complex Personal Injury Lawsuits and Compensation

There is never an easy case, so complex lawsuits are never an issue. The personal injury attorneys at Justice Guardians know that every case needs a full investigation into the accident and injuries. This can include traveling to the scene of the accident, interviewing witnesses, and gathering as much evidence as possible. These in-depth investigations can help establish if other accidents have happened in the same situation and establish a pattern of negligence by the property owner, business, or wherever your accident occurred.

Injures can add a layer of complexity to a case if they have unpredictable complications or recovery stalls. It is possible that a victim starts to improve but then unforeseen complications occur and their condition worsens.

Cost of Not Hiring A Personal Injury Attorney

If victims decide to continue without a lawyer and attempt to handle a case themselves, it may end up costing more. Claims can get denied for missing paperwork, late submissions, or acting outside of the statute of limitations. An experienced personal injury lawyer will know the proper steps for filing a case, as well as informing victims of the stutues that may be applicable to the case type. Every type of case has a different statute of limitations and these can also change depending on new laws taking effect.

By working without an attorney, a victim can leave money on the table. Experienced lawyers know the effort that it takes to go up against large insurance companies with all of the facts. A victim representing themselves may not realize how much a case could possibly be worth. Many victims notice the compensation increase after they decide to hire an attorney.

Stress can also increase if a victim represents themselves. An increase in stress can lead to other issues, such as worsening physical or emotional pain, on top of already worrying about paying bills and recovering. This added stress can make living life difficult and leave victims exhausted. The insurance companies can pester the victim with calls for settling quickly and due to stress, a victim may take a smaller amount.

While working with an attorney can sometimes feel like it takes forever for a case to settle, it may take even longer without representation, depending on the type of case you have. A personal injury attorney can streamline the process, and have many clients previously represented so they have experience with what needs to be collected and submitted.

Other Types Of Fee Structures

At Justice Guardians personal injury law firm the attorneys strictly operate on a contingency-fee. But if you have a different type of case where you do not need a personal injury attorney but rather another specialty, there may be different fee structures.

Hourly Fees

While some personal injury law firms do charge by the hour, most do not when representing victims. This fee type is typically seen in a criminal defense case or in something like a divorce case. The attorney should break down the tasks completed and provided details on how much time everything spent. An attorney charging by the hour can range anywhere from $100-$500+. Specialized and higher level complex attorneys may charge even more. This rate is also usually charged as a flat rate no matter who in the office is completing work.

Make sure to understand what is considered a legal service and what the attorney will count as acts performed on your case. Some attorneys count every email as billable, while some do not.

Task-Based Fees

If you know you only have a singular job, a task-based fee may be applicable rather than an hourly rate. This is typically reserved for something that takes a predictable amount of time and is set even if the task takes longer. If a case involves a lot more effort than predicted, the cost of the attorney may increase from the original set fee. Ensure that there is an understanding of what the task involves and any additional fees if something goes array.

Learn More About Fees Associated With Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

The Justice Guardians Pennsylvania personal injury law firm wants to make hiring an attorney affordable for everyone, especially those who may not be able to afford an attorney on an hourly basis. Personal injury lawyers want victims to be able to focus on healing rather than having to wonder how they will be able to afford anything. Every case type is different, and every case awards different amounts. For victims of a personal injury accident, Justice Guardians only work on contingency and the rate will be set upfront and agreed upon before moving forward.

Personal injuries can seriously affect your life, and injured people need compensation for their medical bills and lost wages to help them get back on their feet. If you've been injured in an accident and need help, don't hesitate to contact us today. Our phone lines are available 24/7 for a free no-obligation consultation.

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David Petrone
Date Published: March 22, 2022
David Petrone is a personal injury attorney at Justice Guardians.
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