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Were you or a loved one injured in Bethlehem due to the fault of another? You may have questions such as:

  • Can I recover compensation for my damages?
  • How do I choose an attorney in Bethlehem?
  • How will I be able to afford my medical bills?

Let our legal professionals defend your rights and fight for the maximum compensation you deserve. Your medical bills, lost wages, and more may be taken care of by filing a legal claim.

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File Your Personal Injury Claim With Our Experienced Legal Team In Bethlehem

When you or a member of the family endures an injury or is unfortunately killed as a result of the fault of another, you most likely start to worry over the future.

You are now left with questions like:

  • Where will the cash come from to pay clinical bills?
  • Just how will I put food on the table and pay rent or a home loan?
  • Exactly how will I have enough money to live?

We founded this law office to help individuals in your position out. We understand what we need to do in order to relieve your burden and worries. Our experienced group of Bethlehem personal injury attorneys is right here to take your legal matter on, scrutinize it, as well as hold all those to blame answerable. Our lawyers expend a great deal of time and energy into picking the most suitable team to examine your case to make sure that we can construct the strongest case we can to get compensation for you under the law. Our experienced attorneys leave no stone unturned in the search for answers and the facts.

Bethlehem Personal Injury Attorneys Provide Free Consultations To Accident Victims

No matter what your background, Justice Guardians are here to assist you with your legal case. Our staff is experienced in prosecuting personal injury claims and we are positive we will put together a staff to handle your claim as well as surpass your expectations. Answers are just a call away. Give us a call as soon as you are ready. The assessment is totally free. It will only cost you your time. We operate all our personal injury lawsuits on a contingency fee basis. This means you will not owe us a single dime unless we recoup a financial settlement for you. We take pride in providing you access to justice without needing to pay a nickel out of pocket till a successful resolution of the case. You have not a single thing to lose in pursuing justice. If we fail to recoup remuneration for you, we relinquish all our legal fees.

Common Accident Types In Personal Injury Lawsuits 

Our experienced Bethlehem accident attorneys have a lot of experience in resolving:

  • auto injury claims
  • trip and fall accident lawsuits
  • workplace accident lawsuits
  • construction injury cases
  • bike collision lawsuits
  • motorcycle crash claims
  • bus injury lawsuits
  • train crash lawsuits
  • subway crash lawsuits
  • medical malpractice lawsuits
  • cerebral palsy cases
  • workers’ comp appeal claims
  • social security disability cases
  • nursing home neglect cases
  • semi-truck crash cases
  • sporting injury lawsuits
  • defective drug lawsuits
  • scaffold injury cases
  • building collapse lawsuits
  • sex trafficking lawsuits
  • dog bite cases
  • as well as many other kinds of accident cases.

How Long Does A Personal Injury Lawsuit Take?

How long a personal injury case takes to settle is typically a function of the intricacy of the claim and how aggressive an attorney is with settlement dialogue and/or litigation. For example, a rear-end crash involving a trucking firm with straight forward medical treatment will probably clear up faster than a medical negligence case consisting of multiple parties.

Justice Guardians are mindful of the emotional and financial burden a case has on the individual and his or her family and works vigilantly to posture each case as best as possible. We are aggressive with our litigation and claims handling so each case can be resolved as quickly and as fairly as possible. The personal injury lawyer assigned to your case can give you a better time frame for settlement as the factors in play come to light.

How Much Does A Personal Injury Attorney Cost in Bethlehem?

Virtually every personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit at Justice Guardians is handled on a “contingency fee” basis. Under a contingency fee arrangement, our professional fee is set forth in a penned contract at the time we are engaged by a client. Moreover, we only earn a legal fee when we succeed in securing a financial settlement for our clients. If there is no compensation, we do not charge a fee.

Do I Need To Hire A Law Firm To Litigate My Accident Lawsuit?

There is no obligation for a person injured or hurt in an accident to seek out a lawyer to represent them. However, many individuals choose to retain a legal professional to represent their interests after a personal injury for 2 reasons:

1) they do not have expertise in the area of injury law, and

2) so they can concentrate on recovering physically after their injury.

Insurance companies regularly attempt to prevent injury victims from getting an attorney because they are aware of research studies that show that individuals with a lawyer consistently receive significantly more compensation for their claim compared with individuals who settle their lawsuit on their own.

Another reason individuals retain an accident lawyer is that there are oftentimes after settlement issues that accompany accident litigations that may need to be resolved in order to avoid financial compensation difficulties down the road.

How Much Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

The value of an injury case is composed of both financial and non-economic damages. Financial damages include medical expenses, lost wages, and harm to property. Non-economic damages include pain and suffering, impairment, disfigurement, and loss of companionship or quality of life.

There are other variables that play into the valuation of a claim such as the age of the impaired person, the amount of insurance coverage available and contributory fault resulting in the incident. While we must accept the realities in each circumstance, our mission is to present the most favorable case possible to a judge, jury, or insurance company evaluating your case.

How Many Personal Injury Cases Settle Outside Of Court?

Most personal injury cases settle before a lawsuit is ever submitted in a courthouse. At Justice Guardians, we never expect lawsuits to resolve effortlessly or quickly so we prepare each case as though it may go to trial.

From the time we are retained in a case, we gather significant evidence to establish how an incident materialized and how the conduct of various individuals may have contributed to the incident. This regularly means collecting police accounts, witness statements, pictures of the scene, and medical records and invoices.

What Our Clients Say About Us:

The legal team at Justice Guardians was such a pleasure to work with under the circumstances of my car accident. They were quick to contact the insurance companies and really took the responsibility for my claim, while I was able to go to doctor’s appointments and focus on healing my injuries. – Maria H.

Our Local Upper Darby Law Office Serves Clients In The Following Areas:

  1. Bethlehem
  2. West Side
  3. South Side Historic District
  4. Sayre Park
  5. Fountain Hill
  6. Freemansburg
  7. Wydnor
  8. Rittersville
  9. Westgate Hills
  10. Midway Manor
  11. Altonah
  12. Middletown
  13. Butztown
  14. Hellertown
  15. William Penn Manor
  16. Hanover
  17. Old Orchard
  18. Palmer Heights
  19. West Easton
  20. Wilson

How Do I Contact Your Bethlehem Personal Injury Lawyers?

You can call us 24/7 on our free injury helpline and one of our experienced Bethlehem Personal Injury Lawyers will assist you.

Our number is (610) 403-9675.

Where Is Your Bethlehem Accident Law Office Located?

Our office is located in Bethlehem near Wind Creek Bethlehem, Zoellner Arts Center, and Moravian College.

Our address is 623 W Union Blvd., #3B, Bethlehem, PA 18018.

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