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If you suffered a personal injury in Chester, PA, whether at work or outside of it, you may be wondering if a lawsuit could provide you with the compensation you need to cover your medical bills and more.  You may have questions like:

  • What should I do after a slip and fall?
  • How much is a lawsuit worth in Chester?
  • How will I be able to afford the medical bills that are building up?

Civil law in Pennsylvania allows victims of injuries to seek remuneration for damages of many types and resulting from many circumstances. To find out if you’ve got a case that could help you receive financial compensation, contact our Chester Personal Injury Attorneys today.

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If You’ve Been Hurt In An Accident You Need To Speak With A Personal Injury Attorney

If you or a loved one have been hurt in an accident that was caused by another party, you understand how difficult it can be to fight for compensation when you’re already handling overwhelming physical and emotional pain. While it might not seem like a necessary step, contacting a personal injury attorney as quickly as possible is important for many reasons. At Justice Guardians, our legal team will:

  • review all aspects of the accident and determine who was at fault
  • keep the heat on the insurance companies to make sure they pay the maximum amount owed
  • handle all of the paperwork
  • aggressively fight in court for compensation that will cover all medical bills, lost wages, physical pain, and suffering, and emotional trauma

In every case, a strict statute of limitations applies which means that legal action must be taken quickly or the opportunity to recover compensation may be lost.

Our law firm believes that a great client/lawyer relationship is built on excellent communication. Our legal team is always prepared to answer any questions that you may have. You can be sure that we will handle your case as if it was our own.

Chester Personal Injury Lawyers Helping Recover Financial Compensation

Our Lawyers Help Clients Who Have Been Involved In A Construction Accident

Construction company owners and managers have a legal responsibility to provide a safe workplace for their employees. Yet year after year, construction is listed as one of the most dangerous industries to work in. Not only do many employers choose to overlook safety in favor of time and money, but even the safest workspaces are full of hazards.

Construction accidents often involve:

  • electrocution
  • slip and fall accidents
  • defective tools
  • accidents involving heavy machinery
  • accidents involving falling objects

When a third-party’s actions cause an accident to occur, the victims have the right to seek compensation through a construction accident lawsuit. This lawsuit can provide full compensation for all losses but without an attorney, it can be difficult to prove that compensation is owed.

Call Justice Guardians today to learn more about how to take the first steps towards recovery.

Let Our Law Firm Handle The Insurance Company After A Car Accident In Chester

It’s common for car accident victims to believe that their medical bills will be covered by the insurance company if they are injured in an accident. Unfortunately, it’s when a car accident victim needs to help the most that they find out that insurance companies won’t pay once a policy limit has been met. However, compensation can be obtained through a car accident lawsuit.

A lawsuit may be able to provide full compensation for all:

  • medical bills
  • lost earnings
  • physical turmoil
  • emotional trauma

Car accident lawsuits aren’t just filed against the negligent driver. Often, our legal team finds that other parties are at fault, such as:

  • car manufacturers and parts manufacturers who created a defect
  • towns, cities, and counties who fail to properly post street signs and lights
  • auto body shops who performed inadequate or improper work on a vehicle

Call our local law office today to learn more about how we can help you.

How Can An Injury Attorney Help Me?

There is no requirement for an individual harmed in an unfortunate incident to contact a lawyer to represent them. However, many injured victims choose to call a legal professional to advocate for their interests after an accident for the following 2 key reasons:

1) they do not have the know-how in the area of injury law; and
2) so they and their family can focus on recovering after their incident.

Insurance companies regularly attempt to discourage injury victims from securing representation as they know about reports that show that people with a legal professional often receive substantially more financial awards for their case compared with individuals who take their case pro se.

An additional reason people retain an accident law firm is that there are regularly post-settlement issues that come with personal injury lawsuits that need to be resolved to avoid settlement difficulties down the road.

What Do Personal Injury And Wrongful Death Lawyers Charge?

Virtually all injury or death cases at Justice Guardians are worked on a “contingent fee” fee-structure. Under a contingency fee agreement, our lawyers’ fee is set out in transparent agreement when we are hired by a client. Moreover, we only receive a fee when we succeed in procuring a financial reward for our clients. If there is no compensation, we do not assess a legal fee.

What Is The Total Value Of My Accident Lawsuit?

The final payout from a personal injury case is composed of both monetary and non-economic losses. Monetary damages consist of hospital expenses, lost wages, and damage to personal property. Non-economic damages comprise of pain and suffering, disability, disfigurement, and loss of consortium or quality of living.

There are many other variables that play into the final valuation of a claim such as the date of birth of the injured or hurt person, the insurance coverage available, and the contributory negligence resulting in the accident. While we must accept the realities in each specific situation, our aim is to present the most favorable case possible to a judge, jury, or insurance provider assessing your claim.

Will Our Case Go To Trial?

Many of our injury lawsuits settle before a legal filing is submitted in a courthouse. At Justice Guardians, our attorneys never expect lawsuits to favorably resolve effortlessly or quickly so we put together every case as though it is going to trial. From the moment we are engaged in a claim, we collect important evidence to prove how exactly an injury materialized and how exactly the conduct of specific individuals may have lead to the accident. This often means requesting police department reports, witness testimony, pictures of the area, and medical records and invoices.

How Long Does An Injury Claim Take?

The length of time an accident claim takes to settle is usually a function of the intricacy of the claim and how aggressive a legal representative is with settlement discussion and/or litigation. For example, a hit-from-behind traffic accident involving a truck with relatively basic medical treatment will likely conclude more efficiently than a birth injury case consisting of multiple parties.

Justice Guardians understand the emotional and monetary stress a lawsuit has on the client and their family. Because of this, our lawyers work aggressively to place each lawsuit with the very best likelihood of fast settlement. Our firm is aggressive with our litigation plan of action so every dispute can be resolved successfully as expeditiously and as fairly as possible. The legal counsel tasked with your claim can outline a more accurate timeline for settlement after taking the variables in play that arise.

What Our Clients Say About Us:

I hurt my knee pretty badly after a car accident in Chester. The attorneys at Justice Guardians helped me through the whole process and made it as easy as possible. – Taylor R.

Common Accident Types in Personal Injury Lawsuits 

  • auto injury cases
  • trip and fall down accident claims
  • workplace injury lawsuits
  • construction accident claims
  • bike collision lawsuits
  • motorbike crash cases
  • bus injury cases
  • train injury lawsuits
  • metro crash lawsuits
  • medical negligence cases
  • cerebral palsy claims
  • workmans’ comp appeal cases
  • social security lawsuits
  • nursing home neglect lawsuits
  • truck collision lawsuits
  • boating injury lawsuits
  • faulty medical device claims
  • scaffold injury lawsuits
  • building explosion lawsuits
  • sex abuse lawsuits
  • dog bite claims
  • and also numerous other kinds of accident cases

How Do I Contact Your Chester Personal Injury Lawyers?

You can call us 24/7 on our free injury helpline and one of our experienced Chester Personal Injury Lawyers will assist you.

Our number is (610) 465-1080.

Where Is Your Chester Accident Law Office Located?

Our office is located in Chester near Chester Courthouse, Calvary Baptist Church, and Veterans Memorial Park.

Our address is 721 Hayes St, Chester, #102, Chester, PA 19013.

Our Chester Personal Injury Attorneys serve the following areas:

  1. Chester
  2. Feltonville
  3. Trainer
  4. Twin Oaks
  5. Chester Plaza
  6. Green Ridge
  7. Upland
  8. Marcus Hook
  9. Linwood
  10. Parkside
  11. Brookhaven
  12. Garden City
  13. Eddystone
  14. Boothwyn
  15. Ogden
  16. Upper Chichester
  17. Sackville
  18. Crum Creek Manor
  19. Wallingford
  20. Village Green
  21. Rose Valley

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Lankenual Hospital

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Chester City Hall 

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Chester, PA 19013

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Auto Repair Shops

Express Auto Repair

136 W 7th St.

Chester, PA 19013

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