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Are You Seeking An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in Kensington, PA?

If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident that caused you serious personal harm, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries. In fact, compensation from a personal injury lawsuit may cover:

  • medical expenses
  • lost wages
  • physical pain and suffering
  • emotional trauma

In each case, the amount awarded to a plaintiff will differ because the losses experienced by each plaintiff are different.

At Justice Guardians, our attorneys treat every case as though it was their own. Clients can anticipate that our legal team will go over every aspect of their case, advise them of every possible legal option, handle the paperwork, consult with industry experts, and prepare them for every step of the legal journey.

Our law firm understands how painful and stressful this time can be. That’s why we do everything we can to support you during this time. Call now to learn more.

If You Were Hurt In A Car Accident You Should Consult A Civil Law Attorney

On any given day, thousands of people are involved in a car accident. For some, this simply means that they will have to contact their insurance companies and put their car into an auto repair shop for a while, but others aren’t as lucky. Car accidents can cause very serious injuries including:

  • broken bones
  • spinal trauma
  • traumatic head injury
  • nerve damage
  • amputations

These injuries often change the way that a car accident victim lives their life, potentially ending a promising career early and limiting the activities that they can participate in. In addition to this, car accident victims often have to bear a serious financial burden in addition to their physical, mental, and emotional ones. To add insult to injury, insurance companies will stop paying for medical bills and lost wages as soon as the policy limit has been met.

A car accident lawsuit can provide a plaintiff with the compensation they need in order to pay for all of their medical bills and build a future. There are strict time limits for filing a lawsuit which is why it’s important to contact our law firm as quickly as possible.

Justice Guardians – A Medical Malpractice Law Firm You Can Depend On

There are some patients who are afraid to go to the doctor because they are afraid of a potential diagnosis, but there are others who are terrified because a former physician committed medical malpractice, causing them irreparable harm.

Medical malpractice can occur at any time by any medical professional. Common examples include:

  • prescription error
  • surgical error
  • misdiagnosis
  • birth injury
  • anesthesia errors

Medical malpractice doesn’t just hurt a patient – it can literally kill them. That’s why the law allows the victims of medical malpractice and sometimes their loved ones to pursue a lawsuit against the person or group who caused them harm.

The legal team at Justice Guardians are not afraid to take on large hospitals on behalf of our clients. Don’t hesitate to call – we are prepared to answer all of your questions.

Our Employment Attorneys Help Workers Who Were Injured On The Job

Even workers who are aware that they are employed in a dangerous industry never expect that a work injury will happen to them. Many trust that if they are hurt on the job, workers’ compensation insurance will pay for their medical bills. Unfortunately, just when an injured worker needs help the most, insurance companies often fail to help and instead deny the workers’ compensation claim.

Although workers’ compensation prevents an employee from filing a lawsuit against their employer, it does allow a lawsuit to be filed against a third-party whose actions caused the accident. For example, if a construction worker is injured by a defective tool at work, they have the right to file a lawsuit against the person responsible for the defect.

Lawsuits can be filed even if a workers’ compensation claim has been approved so be sure to contact our law firm today.

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