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Accidents not only tend to be unexpected, but they can also permanently change the lives of the victims involved.

If an accident has left you with personal injuries, you need to know that there are legal ways to fight for the compensation you deserve. Regardless of how it happened, if your accident was caused by someone else’s negligence, then you have the right to seek compensation that covers the damages you have suffered.

You may have questions like:

  • Does my accident qualify for a lawsuit?
  • Can I recover compensation for my injuries?
  • How will I afford my medical expenses?

Call our experienced Wilkes-Barre & Scranton personal injury lawyers now for a free case evaluation. We’ll help you get started on the path justice.

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When you or a cherished one suffers an injury or is tragically killed because of the negligence or omissions of another, you likely start to worry over the near future. You are now left with questions like:

  • Where will the money come from to pay hospital bills?
  • Exactly how will I put food on the table as well as afford rent or a mortgage?
  • How will I have enough money to live?

The primary objective of our law office, and the reason it was formed, is to carry your stress and shepherd you through this exceptionally tough and uneasy time. Our experienced group of Wilkes-Barre & Scranton personal injury lawyers is right here to take your claim on, investigate it, as well as hold all those at fault answerable. Our innovative method of prosecuting as well as litigating claims includes employing private investigators and professionals that give you the very best chance of success with your negligence legal matter. It is our strategy to ensure we do whatever in our power to get to the bottom of what happened.

Injury Attorneys Fight For Compensation For Injured Victims In Wilkes-Barre & Scranton 

Justice Guardians are happy to say we serve everyone irrespective of background. It’s simple, we are right here to help you. Our lawyers are confident in our legal abilities and we passionately think we have a group of lawyers that can really help. Answers are just a telephone call away. Give us a telephone call today. The assessment is cost-free. It will merely cost you your time. Our legal services are provided on what is referred to as a ‘contingency fee’ basis. This sort of a fee actually means if we fail to recuperate cash for you, then you pay us nothing. If we win a settlement, then you compensate our team for our professional services out of the settlement proceeds of the recovery. We pride ourselves on offering you access to justice without needing to pay a dollar out of your pocket until a positive settlement of the claim. If we do not recuperate compensation for you and your family, you will pay us nothing.

Other Types of Injury Claims We Cover

Our experienced Wilkes-Barre & Scranton injury attorneys have a lot of experience in litigating:

  • auto injury lawsuits
  • slip and fall accident cases
  • work accident claims
  • construction accident cases
  • bike injury cases
  • motorbike crash claims
  • bus accident cases
  • train injury claims
  • subway crash lawsuits
  • medical negligence claims
  • cerebral palsy claims
  • workmans’ comp appeal cases
  • disability claims
  • nursing home injury claims
  • semi-truck accident lawsuits
  • airline injury cases
  • defective medical device claims
  • scaffold injury claims
  • building collapse claims
  • sexual abuse cases
  • dog bite lawsuits
  • and also numerous other kinds of injury claims

Is A Lawyer Helpful After An Unfortunate Incident?

There is no requirement for a person injured or hurt in an accident to contact a legal professional to fight for them. However, many people decide to call a lawyer to represent their rights immediately after an unfortunate incident for 2 primary reasons:

1) they don’t possess the knowledge in the area of injury law; and

2) so they and their loved ones can on recuperating after their injury.

Insurance companies regularly try to impede injury victims from securing an attorney as they know about reports that conclude that individuals who hired an attorney often successfully obtain significantly more compensation for their case compared with individuals who take their case alone.

Another reason why people retain an accident attorney is that there are regularly -after settlement issues that accompany accident lawsuits that may need to be addressed in order to avoid financial award complications later on.

How Much Does A Law Firm Charge For A Personal Injury Or Death Lawsuit? 

Virtually all accident or wrongful death lawsuits at Justice Guardians are handled on a ‘contingent fee’ structure. Under a contingent fee agreement, our lawyers’ fee to you is set out in straight forward agreement at the time we are retained by a client. However, we will only earn a legal fee when we succeed in procuring a financial settlement for our clients. In the event there is no money recovered, we never charge a fee.

What Factors Influence The Monetary Recovery In A Personal Injury Claim?

The financial award in an injury lawsuit comprises both economic and non-economic damages. Monetary damages include hospital bills, lost wages, and harm to property. Non-economic losses include physical pain and suffering, impairment, disfigurement, and loss of consortium or quality of living.

There are other variables that impact the value of a lawsuit such as:

  • the age of the injured or hurt person,
  • the insurance protection available
  • the degree of fault our client had resulting in the incident.

While we must embrace the realities in every scenario, our aim is to present the most favorable case possible to a judge, jury, or insurance company evaluating your claim.

Will Our Claim Go To Court? 

Most of our accident claims settle before a legal filing is ever filed in court. At Justice Guardians, we never expect cases to successfully settle easily or swiftly so we put together every case as though it will go before a judge. From the time we are engaged in a case, we gather valuable evidence to determine how an incident occurred and how exactly the behavior of specific groups may have resulted in the accident. This frequently necessitates collecting police department accounts, witness statements, pictures of the area, and other records and invoices.

Approximately How Many Months Does Our Lawsuit Take To Settle In Wilkes-Barre & Scranton?

The length of time a personal injury lawsuit takes to come to a conclusion is typically a function of the intricacy of the claim and how aggressive a legal representative is with settlement negotiations and/or litigation. For example, a rear-end traffic accident involving a trucking company with relatively straight forward treatment will likely resolve more efficiently than a med negligence case comprising multiple parties at fault.

Justice Guardians understand the mental and financial stress a claim has on the injured party and his or her loved ones. As a result, our lawyers work meticulously to place each case with the best probability of a prompt settlement. Our firm is assertive with our litigation plan of action so each case can be settled favorably as fast and as fairly as feasible. The representative tasked with your lawsuit will give you a better timeline for the conclusion after taking all of the factors in play are defined.

Our Local Wilkes-Barre & Scranton Law Office Serves Clients In the Following Neighborhoods:

  1. Wyoming
  2. Wilkes-Barre
  3. Scranton
  4. Exeter
  5. Swoyersville
  6. Pittston
  7. Duryea
  8. Dupont
  9. Laflin
  10. Hudson
  11. Kingston
  12. Parsons
  13. Wilkes-Barre Township
  14. Lynwood
  15. Plymouth
  16. Old Forge
  17. Taylor
  18. South Side
  19. North Scranton
  20. Dunmore
  21. Inkerman
  22. Port Griffith
  23. Hilldale
  24. West Wyoming
  25. Plains
  26. Yatesville
  27. Hughestown
  28. Luzerne
  29. Edwardsville
  30. Forty Fort
  31. Larksville
  32. Ashley
  33. Korn Krest
  34. Moosic
  35. Austin Heights
  36. Minooka
  37. West Scranton
  38. Throop

What Our Clients Say About Us:

The injury lawyers at Justice Guardians were experienced, honest, trustworthy, and efficient. They handled all the aspects of my slip and fall claim quickly and I received compensation that helped pay for my medical costs. – Chris T.

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