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Pennsylvania DUI News Report For June 2017

The Pennsylvania DUI News Report is a monthly article that rounds up DUI-related news stories throughout Pennsylvania. This month’s report covers a range of DUI stories including a new development in a major DUI case, a DUI arrest in Philadelphia and a statewide crackdown on drunk driving over the upcoming July 4th holiday.

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Recent DUI News & Stories In Pennsylvania

Sobriety Checkpoints Scheduled For Weekend & July 4th

The Pennsylvania Driving Under the Influence Association recently announced an increased DUI enforcement for the upcoming weekend that will extend through the July 4th holiday.

According to the Center for Traffic Safety, the July 4th holiday is one of the deadliest of the year due accidents involving intoxicated driving.

As a result, local law enforcement agencies as well as Pennsylvania State Police began a statewide DUI initiative on Friday, July 23rd and plan to continue increased DUI enforcement through Wednesday, July 5th. The increased enforcement will include sobriety checkpoints along with more roving patrol cars throughout the State of Pennsylvania.

For more information on this story and the upcoming holiday weekend, visit this article from Fox43.com.

Drunk Driver Tries To Flee The Scene After Crashing Into Philadelphia Restaurant

A man driving a U-Haul truck was arrested after allegedly crashing the rented vehicle into a new restaurant and brewery in Philadelphia, PA. According to reports, the 41-year-old man was driving the wrong way on a one-way street in Northern Liberties at around 1 p.m. on Wednesday when he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the Urban Village Brewery. Police say that the man attempted to flee the scene of the accident, but was caught before he was unable to get away.

The suspect was taken to Hahnemann University Hospital to be treated for minor injuries suffered in the accident. He was ultimately arrested and charged with driving under the influence.

The Urban Village Brewery celebrated its grand opening just three weeks before the incident occurred.

You can read more about this developing story at Philly.com.

Pennsylvania See A Rise In Drug-related DUI Arrests

Police in Pennsylvania have seen a significant increase in DUI arrests involving drugs over the last few years.

According to AAA, about half of the DUI arrests made in Pennsylvania last year involved the use of drugs or a combination of drugs and alcohol. The report states that many of the drug-related DUI cases in Pennsylvania involve the use of prescription medications.

Police officers throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are receiving drug recognition training as part of an effort to identify drivers who are operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs.

Visit ABC27.com to learn more about drug-related DUI arrests in PA and the steps that are being taken to combat drugged driving.

Landsdale Man Added to “Most Wanted” List By Montgomery County Police After 3rd DUI Arrest

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office has added a Landsdale man to the Most Wanted Criminal Fugitives list after he was recently arrested for DUI for the third time. According to reports, the 43-year-old man has had a warrant out for his arrest after being convicted of multiple DUI offenses and is awaiting trial upon his capture. His last known address is located on the 400 block of Walnut Street in Landsdale, PA.

Altoona Police Officer Facing DUI Charges

A law enforcement officer with the Altoona Police Department is facing DUI charges after being arrested on suspicion of drunk driving earlier this month. According to reports, the 40-year-old police officer was arrested on DUI charges on June 19th after being stopped for erratic driving on the 700 block of Sixth Avenue in Altoona, PA.

Police say that the man submitted to a blood test which showed that his blood alcohol content (BAC) was 0.257% which is more than 3 times the legal limit. The man is scheduled to appear in court on July 19th.

Check out the following article from AltoonaMirror.com for more info.

PennDOT Releases Impaired Driving & Boating Safety Materials For July 4th Holiday

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) has teamed up with several other organizations in Pennsylvania to promote safe driving and boating ahead of the upcoming 4th of July holiday. Safe driving posters and other safety material was distributed to local businesses throughout Pennsylvania. PennDOT’s effort to promote safe driving coincides with Pennsylvania’s statewide initiative to catch drunk drivers over the July 4th holiday through increased DUI enforcement.

Attorney Challenges Evidence In Fatal DUI Case In Hempfield, PA

The defense attorney for a Pennsylvania man facing DUI charges stemming from a fatal accident in 2013 is challenging evidence submitted by prosecutors. The DUI defense attorney representing the 28-year-old defendant from Irwin, PA contends that the court cannot use evidence from the blood alcohol tests obtained after his client was arrested because the evidence was not obtained legally.

The attorney referenced a U.S. Supreme Court ruling from last year that prohibits the prosecution from using blood alcohol evidence in a DUI case if that evidence was obtained from the defendant without a search warrant. The police officers who arrested the 28-year-old defendant in 2013 said that they did not obtain a search warrant before taking blood alcohol tests following the defendant’s DUI arrest.

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