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If you’ve been hurt in an accident because of someone else’s negligence, you may have many questions that need to be answered such as:

  • What is a personal injury lawsuit?
  • How do I know who was at fault?
  • Can I take steps to recover compensation?
  • Why should I consider filing a lawsuit?
  • How much is a lawsuit be worth?

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Each year millions of Americans are hurt in personal injury accidents which could have been prevented. To make matters worse, the victims of these accidents frequently sustain injuries which cost thousands of dollars to treat and which may forever change the way that they live. While in physical pain and facing financial ruin, accident victims may feel hopeless, but it is possible to recover compensation by taking legal action

What Are Personal Injury Lawsuits?

Personal injury lawsuits are a type of civil lawsuit which can be filed by an individual or group who has been hurt by the negligence of another. This legal complaint is completely separate from any criminal charges that might be filed as a result of the accident and the purpose of the lawsuit is to provide the plaintiffs with the compensation that they need.

Compensation may cover both past and future:

  • Medical Treatments
  • Lost Earnings
  • Physical Pain & Suffering
  • Emotional Distress

Although no amount of money may be able to completely take away the pain and suffering experienced by the plaintiffs, compensation from a lawsuit will hopefully help them to get the treatments they need to live as comfortable a life as possible moving forward.

Compensation comes in two forms – settlements and awards. Settlements occur outside of the courtroom with both parties agreeing to a set amount. If a settlement can be reached, the case will not go to trial. However, if negotiations fail, the case will proceed to trial where, if the judge/jury sides with the plaintiff, an award may be obtained.

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How Much Are Personal Injury Cases Worth?

Since any compensation that is obtained through a personal injury lawsuit is meant to return the plaintiff to their former condition, the amount that each plaintiff obtains differs. While an exact amount cannot be immediately promised, our legal team reviews a case and then creates an estimate as to how much our client may be able to recover.

The Different Types Of Personal Injury Cases

There are many different types of personal injury cases, the most common of which include:

Auto Accidents

Each day millions of people use automobiles to go from location to location. While many make it to their destinations safely, others aren’t as lucky. Car, truck, and motorcycle accidents are frequently caused by:

  • Drunk Drivers
  • Distracted Drivers
  • Improperly Posted Street Signs & Traffic Lights
  • Vehicle Defects

While insurance may cover some of the losses that the victims of auto accidents sustain, once a policy limit has been met the insurance company will stop paying. This is why so many car accident victims choose to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Medical Malpractice

Medical professionals are charged with providing the best possible care to each patient they see and yet patients are frequently hurt by the mistakes made by doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and pharmacists.

Construction Accidents

Construction is one of the most dangerous industries on the planet. Each day, construction workers face thousands of possible hazards and are expected to work on job sites that do not meet the necessary safety standards. Although workers compensation may help to pay for medical expenses, this insurance will never fully compensate a worker for all of their losses.

Dog Bites

Man’s best friend sometimes isn’t a friend at all. Dog bites can permanently damage any part of the body and in some situations, the canine may even kill the victim. Dog owners are responsible for their pets actions and any damage they cause, and if they fail to keep others safe, may find themselves named as the defendant in a dog bite lawsuit.

Slip and Fall

Premise liability laws state the property owners and managers must do everything that is reasonably within their power to protect visitors from harm. Yet thousands are hurt in slip and fall accidents each year caused by:

  • Loose Carpeting and Flooring
  • Broken Steps
  • Broken Handrails
  • Cracked and Broken Sidewalks
  • Loose Wires
  • Wet Floors

Slip and fall accidents might not seem like a big deal but the victims are regularly diagnosed with serious injuries like brain trauma and spinal damage which may prevent them from returning to work.

How Do I Know If I Have A Personal Injury Case?

If you believe that someone else’s negligence resulted in your injury, our experienced attorneys will review your case and then explain all legal options that you may have. Our law firm offers free consultations so don’t hesitate to call and speak with a member of our legal team today.

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