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The History of Ridley Township, PA

The personal injury lawyers in Ridley Township, PA, of Justice Guardians, would like to present this article on the area's history.

History of the Ridley Township

Ridley Township is located 17.5 miles southwest of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The total area consists of 3,392 acres, of which 128 are waters of the Delaware River.

Early History

The first settlers to enter Ridley Township were the Swedes in 1644. Followed by the Dutch in 1655, the area was originally called Amos Land. However, the name changed in 1682 when John Simcock purchased it from William Penn. Simcock, being from Ridley, Chesire, England, renamed the area in honor of his hometown. Ridley would become a Township in 1687 but not a first-class one until 1906.

Both the Continental and the British Army would journey through Ridley during the Revolutionary War. General George Washington would also lead his men through it on his path to Wilmington, Delaware, where he would battle General Howe. Soldiers of the Continental Army would camp in Ridley following the Battle of Brandywine.

In 1777 the town would be ransacked by over 3,000 soldiers led by General Cornwallis as they passed through. A couple of months later, General Howe would pass through with his troops heading to Darby, PA.


As of 2010, the population of Ridley Township was 30,768 and predominantly a white community. The household income is $45,918 for individuals and $54,581 for families. The racial breakdown is as follows:

  • 90.0% White
  • 5.7% African American
  • 1.9% Hispanic or Latino
  • 0.1% Native American
  • 2.2% Asian
  • 1.4% two or more races
  • 0.5% other

Notable People

Some well-known people that were born or lived in the area include the following:

  • John Morton - an American politician that was one of many to sign the United States Declaration of Independence
  • Paul Felder - American professional fighter for the UFC; ranking 10th in lightweight divisions
  • Bill McGlone - a professional lacrosse player for Boston Cannons and the Philadelphia Wings
  • Joe Valerio - former Kansas City Chiefs, NFL football player
  • Hack Wilson - a former Major League Baseball player with the Chicago Cubs
  • Dave Schulthise - bass player for The Dead Milkmen
  • Sydney I. Waddell - a visual artist and poet

Places of Interest

Some areas to visit while in the Ridley Township include the following:

  • The Ridley Township Public Library
  • The Ridley Township Marina - on Darby Creek
  • The Ridley Township Municipal Park

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David Petrone
Date Published: April 1, 2021
David Petrone is a personal injury attorney at Justice Guardians.
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