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Suffered A Fall At A Gym Or Health Club In PA? Our Lawyers Can Help

When you visit a gym or health club, there’s usually no doubt as to why you’re there – you want to improve your health. But if you end up suffering an injury because the facilities were not properly maintained or looked after, you likely have questions such as:

  • Can you sue for an injury at the gym?
  • How much can I be compensated for a gym incident?

Gym Injury Lawyers

Our slip and fall law firm can answer these and more of your questions through a free legal consultation. Contact us today.

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"If you suffered a slip or trip and fall at the gym, it is possible to be compensated. Call our team today" - David Petrone, Esq.

Our attorneys have been helping victims of injuries for decades. If you were hurt in a gym or health club anywhere in Pennsylvania, you may have a valid claim for compensation via a lawsuit.

Suing Gyms For Negligence

Health clubs are intended to serve as places where customers can simply concentrate on bettering themselves. However, for many gymgoers, the exact opposite is the case.

Injuries at gyms can happen for a variety of reasons. For a victim of a gym accident to be able to receive compensation, the gym must be found negligent in its duty to protect its patrons.

However, proving negligence can be a very difficult task for most people who are not legal professionals.

In these instances, the knowledge brought forth by an experienced lawyer can make the difference between a successful claim and a failed one.

Don’t let your chance at achieving justice disappear because you’re unsure if you’re entitled to compensation – contact our team today to get the answers you need.

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Falling And Tripping Hazards In Gyms

After having fought on behalf of slip and fall victims for years, our team is quite familiar with the situations that can cause a gym to become dangerous for any person on its premises. These can include:

  • Worn or torn carpet segments
  • Improperly installed floor tiles
  • Uneven floors
  • Broken equipment which creates a tripping hazard
  • Unsecured cables or wires (of any kind)

To some, the above may sound like harmless conditions. To others who are familiar with trip and fall accidents, they represent alarming danger.

Persons who trip or fall in health clubs due to the above hazards can suffer severe injuries including bone fractures, nerve damage, brain trauma, back problems, and even spinal cord injuries. When victims are lucky enough to make recoveries from these injuries, they may face permanent scarring and disabilities, as well as a mountain of bills.

Even more concerning is the fact that medical treatment and the corresponding costs are often ongoing. In a flashing moment, negligence on behalf of a gym can leave not only the victim but their whole families, with lifelong financial burdens that they may never be able to pay off.

Gym Injury Lawsuits & Compensation

Fortunately, civil law in the State of Pennsylvania puts some very powerful avenues for compensation in the hands of victims.

Victims of accidents in gyms that are proven to have been caused at least in part by negligence can be awarded substantial monetary compensation. This compensation or financial award will always be based on the damages suffered by the victim and can include:

  1. Medical expenses, both past and expected future ones
  2. Emotional trauma
  3. Loss of quality of life
  4. Loss of income

Every case is different from the one before it, as well the one after it. For this reason, it is impossible to determine how much a trip and fall case is worth before it is litigated. For this reason, our lawyers provide their insight for free to any and all victims who are unsure of their options. To arrange your no-cost, no-obligation consultation, give us a call or fill out the form on this page to be contacted.

The Risks You Assume By Using A Gym

The first time you sign up for a gym or other type of health club, you will likely be pressured into signing some sort of waiver. This required document will often contain legal text stating that you understand the risks you take by visiting the gym and using the equipment. Most importantly, the waiver will usually also include a paragraph that established that you take responsibility for any injuries you may suffer on the premises.

While it is true that by signing the contract you are taking responsibility for some injuries that you may suffer, you are not signing away all your possibilities at being compensated for a gym injury.

The gym manager or owner generally has a duty of care to uphold with persons present on the property. If their lack of attention or diligence in mitigating hazards results in damages to a visitor, they may be found to have acted negligently and ordered to compensate a victim for damages.

Unfortunately, the law around negligence can be confusing, but that is not a reason to lose hope if you’ve suffered one of these injuries.

Don’t Be Intimidated

If your life has been flipped upside down after an injury at a gym, understand that you are not alone.

Our team of experienced injury lawyers are prepared to analyze your case, lay out all of your options, and then permit you to make the right decision for yourself and your family. Take a step in the direction of justice today by contacting our team.

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