This article will provide a brief history of Elwyn, PA and has been shared by the Elwyn personal injury attorneys at Justice Guardians.

Native Americans Inhabited Elwyn Long Before The Europeans Arrived

European settlers arrived in the 1600s, however, for thousands of years before these Dutch, Swedish, and British settlers began to establish communities, the Lenape lived on the land that is now called Elwyn.

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The Lenape would create temporary village structures and live off of the land, planting, hunting, and fishing. When clan elders determined that that the area had been exhausted, the village would be moved to a new location. This allowed nature to replenish what had been taken.

When the Europeans arrived, they negotiated and traded with the Lenape, taking over the lands that now makeup Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and New York. Farms and small villages were built and roads constructed. Over time, mills and other businesses were built near local waterways, taking advantage of the power the water had to offer.

Dr. Alfred L. Elwyn

Elwyn is named after Dr. Alfred L. Elwyn. Dr. Elwyn was a philanthropist and he advocated for the training and care of the medically disabled in the United States. He believed that instead of being sent to an asylum, the mentally disabled should be provided with the best care and training possible, giving many of them the opportunity to be self-sufficient. In 1852, Elwyn established a training school for the mentally disabled and later convinced the Pennsylvania State Legislature to charter “The Pennsylvania Training School for Feeble-Minded Children”. Elwyn became the head of the school in 1870.

This school became the leading center for advancements made in the care and training of the mentally disabled. Today, the school still exists and is the longest-running human services nonprofit of its kind. Thousands of caregivers have received training at the facility, taking their knowledge to provide care to others throughout the country.

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